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Candy mixes
Capz and Candy:
about us

Candy mixes, toy mixes and crane mixes are the core products by Capz and Candy, a leading candy and toy vending products company based near Antwerp in Belgium. For 10 years now, our team of 6 dedicated and dynamic people has been distributing these types of products to customers all over Europe.

Our clients, owners of child-friendly businesses, have vending or crane machines that need to be filled with toy mixes and candy mixes. The content for these mixes is bought in bulk and then repacked into individual attractive mixes for children.

Capz and Candy: we mix, you sell
a high-quality candy or toy vending product

The smile on a child’s face when it opens the capsule or grabs a toy and sees Bucky bubble gum, Googly eyes, a plush toy or any of the many other possibilities. Isn’t that why we do this?

Capz and Candy works with licensed items from well-known brands, including Paw Patrol, Shimmer & Shine, Barbie, Turtles, and many others. These are repacked in standard mixes ordered by product or by price, but you can also request a customised mix.

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Let us also put a smile on your face with our candy mixes and toy mixes

You might not know us yet, but rest assured we will also put a smile on your face! Not only with our top products, standard or customised, but also because of the excellent service we provide.
Contact us for more information on what we can do for you! Our team will gladly help you.